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Kazakh Foods

Posted on April 26th by Yankı Nagisa Akkuş

There are many national foods called Beshbarmak, Mantı, Shashlik in Kazakhstan. Most of the dishes consists of meat and pastry. In Kazakhstan Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Horse, and Camel meats are commonly used.

I have not tried the camel meat, but horse meat is similar to beef. Whenever they cooked together, I cannot understand the difference.

This is Beshbarmak which can be translated as “five fingers”. It is a tradition to eat with hands. It is made of horse meat, beef, pumpkin, tomatoes, onions, and some herbs served with some sheeted pastry. Mostly cooked when there is a celebration or for guests.

Inside the city you can find a lot of different countries restaurant. You never get bored of variety of foods.