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Consulting Logistics

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Consulting Logistics

There are many reliable logistics providers in Turkiye and we don’t think that we should invest to the facilities and equipments by ourselves. However, the strong points of each logistics provider are different. In this connection, we have decided to do “Consulting Logistics”, we will hear the Customer’s requirements and we will provide the combination of the services like shipping/air and land transporting/warehousing/custom clearance etc. which are best for the customers by the single window. We will be like the Logistics Division of your company. Actually, we are not strong company here in Turkiye, now we are focusing to the Japanese Companies, but if possible, please let us know your logistics situation to us. We are looking forward to hearing you.

For Logistics Providers in Turkiye

We would like to communicate with your company for corporation, if you have interests in our service, we are happy to discuss the corporation.

Future aim of MOL Turkey

We aim to expand our services to the surrounding countries of Turkiye and Africa. Turkiye is a key country which is a bridge to 3 major continents. With our new office in Turkiye, MOL will surely reach more accurate and enhanced logistics player worldwide and in its region.

MOL will tackle into any kind of difficulties and provide services in best possible manner. Our motto is to overcome language and culture barrier, connecting countries with services network and friendship.

Global Network of MOL Group

MOL Turkey use the logistics network of MOL Group. MOL Logistics are engaged in enhancing and expanding its global network and aiming to extend its market operations. MOL Logistics aim is to contribute to global economic growth by providing extensive, high-value-added total logistics services that can meet the needs of any customer. MOL Logistics has its overseas network consists of 135 directly managed sites in 26 countries and 188 agencies in 51 countries..

We offer variety of services such as sea transport, land transport, warehousing, custom clearance, forwarding, inspection at the designated sites. Our strong and experience team in different locations will be surely satisfy our customer needs. Special cargoes are examined and transported with best solutions. Intermodal transporting is our strong aspect with necessary connection points and our network.

Other Logistic Services