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Pure Car and Truck Carrier(PCTC) / RORO

Shipping Service / Pure Car and Truck Carrier(PCTC) / RORO


In 1965, MOL launched the first pure car carrier (PCC) to meet the needs of Japan’s burgeoning automobile export trade. Since then, as a pioneer in automobile transport, we have offered continual improvements in the safety and reliability of our car carrier service, in step with the market’s globalization. The capacity of the first PPCs were about 1,200 small cars but today’s pure car and truck carriers (PCTCs)'s space is equivalent to more than 6400 cars with up to 13 cargo decks and the ship accommodates all types of vehicles from passenger cars to construction machineries. And 2018, New Type PCTC with 6 liftable decks has started to join in our fleet.

Not only sea transportation, MOL has established joint ventures in markets where the automobile industry is showing rapid growth, such as Thailand/China/India. We offer top quality, locally based, comprehensive automobile transport services such as domestic trucking, coastal transport, and terminal operation.

The trade of Automobile in Turkey is mainly with European Countries and this trade has been done by another MOL Group company “Euro Marine Logistics (EML)” is the short-sea PCC operator and mainly operates inter European Trade by small/middle size PCTC. Their vessels call regularly at Turkish Ports.

MOL Turkey’s Ambition

At present MOL PCTC service have not covered Turkey and the cargoes from/to Turkey are transshipped at Piraeus Port. Actually, the connecting service is not so good for the customers in Turkey and Black Sea region. MOL Turkey has tried to secure more business for Turkey and in 2021 two of PCTC called at Turkish Ports and discharged construction machineries etc. for Turkey and we loaded the cargoes from Turkey. We will try to make them direct call to Turkish Ports regularly. With support of many Car makers, EML continue stable service between Turkey and Europe, however EML service is not enough to satisfy the export requirements of Turkish customers, MOL Turkey would like to improve the RORO service with Turkish Partners for covering East Med and Black Sea regions.


  • 96 vessels

  • 1810 k dwt

  • Fleet size world rank 2

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