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Medical / Food / Perishable Goods

Logistic Service / Medical / Food / Perishable Goods


The importance of Logistics for Medical/Food and perishable goods has increased in the time of Covid-19 pandemic. Turkiye is one of the biggest fresh food supplier in the world and export many vegetables/fruits. This kind of transportation requires strict control of temperature. We perform studies on packaging materials and cool storage to choose the most appropriate solution in order to provide transportation in the optimum temperature zone to meet the unique needs of the cargo. We have met a number of customer requirements.


MOL Turkey’s Ambition

MOL Turkey handles such cargoes to its destination safely and in fresh condition. IceBattery is one of the solutions. At present, for Japan market, such Agri/Marine/Livestock Products of Turkiye are not so popular and I think there are big possibility to expand the market in future, MOL Turkey will be one of the major Logistics Supplier for Medicine/Food/Perishable Goods

The IceBattery is the products of Indian Company. MOL is now discussing with them to promote this product. The impact of using the IceBattery technology is that it will directly results in a reduction of medical products being wasted and not being utilized in critical life-threatening situations in the operating room and in the field. The IceBattery also has an important role to play in reducing world hunger. The technology allows companies in the food industry the ability to provide various constant temperatures and humidity for perishable fruits and vegetables during transit and storage. This directly results in less spoilage and reduced food waste. In short, more the produce will make it to market and be available to the poor.

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