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Air Cargo

Logistic Service / Air Cargo


Since its establishment in 1960, MOL Logistics has embraced international air transport as its core business. MOL Logistics can flexibly use its experience and knowledge to provide door-to-door transportation services across its global network, thanks to a long corporate background.

MOL Turkey’s Ambition

MOL Turkey helps you with your import and export shipments that should be immediately delivered worldwide with using MOL Logistics network, if you need replacement parts or goods to or from some region of the world immediately.

However, the network of MOL Logistics in Turkiye and neighboring countries is not relatively strong. MOL Turkey will take the lead in forming alliances with Turkish logistics companies and proposing transportation utilizing Turkish Airlines' extensive network. In addition, we would like to make combined transportation such as Air & Land, Air & Sea with Istanbul as a hub as a delivery base in this area by adding a security storage service in Turkiye.

MOL Turkey choose the most time-sensitive and cost-effective route and help the stage of the supply chain, starting from the collection of goods from the premises of customers, performing customs clearance, consolidation service, storage of warehouses, and distribution to the final destination.

Other Logistic Services