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Other Services / Trading


MOL Turkey’s the most important target is to evolve the good relationship for a long time between Turkey and Japan through the Ocean more and more. We would like to support to sell The products in Turkey like the tiles in Iznik, Dry Fruits, Wines etc in Japan and the products in Japan which are wanted to introduce in Turkey market.

If you have anything to introduce for Japan Market and/or anything which you want to get from Japanese Market, please let us know, we would like to endeavor to manage with using our network.

In 2021, due to the influence of Covid19, it was widely reported in the media that many passenger ships came to the ship recycling yard in Aliaga, Turkey. As a person engaged in the shipping industry, I thought it was necessary to see the site of ship recycling, so I visited. In addition, when we introduced the e-commerce site of used Japanese agricultural machinery that MOL started for African market , we received an inquiry from an Indian ship recycler asking if we could sell used machinery that comes out of ships at the E commerce site. I wanted to explore that possibility, so I immediately visited Aliaga. In the ship recycling yard, many things are recycled or reused, but many used machines were placed outdoors. There were also decorations that did not seem to be reused. I wondered if I could sell these, and after various studies, we have decided to create an e-commerce site by ourselves. Ultimately, we would like to go as a platform that can sell ship recycle products not only from Turkey but also from India and Bangladesh. Also, since the mechanism is the same, we would like to grow it into a platform like a virtual shopping mall that can sell Turkish products. I would like to receive ideas from everyone.