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MOL Turkey Denizcilik ve Lojistik Tic. A.Ş.

In February 2017, MOL opened the Representative Office in Turkiye in order to expand the presence of MOL Group in Turkiye and in the area of East Med./Black Sea Countries and to propose the total services to the customers in this region. In the next years, we have started the charter of FSRU(Floating Storage Regasification Unit) for BOTAS and the LNG-fueled Power-ship Business with KARPOWERSHIP, and concluded the contract for the study of the Strategic Partnership with Turkish steel giant TOSYALI HOLDINGS.

Considering these situations and the closing of the branch of MOL Europe who did the container business for the reason of the spin-out of the Container Transportation Business from MOL to ONE(Ocean Network Express), MOL has decided to establish the Company for developing more businesses with Turkish Companies. In November 2019, New Company; MOL Turkey Denizcilik ve Lojistik Ticaret A.S. has started the operation in Turkiye.

MOL had done the businesses before establishment of Representative office, MOL has been transporting the Iron Ore for ERDEMIR who the biggest steel company in Turkiye for many years, and Euro Marine Logistics who is the subsidiary of MOL, has been carrying the automobiles from/to Europe. MOL Chemical Tankers are transporting the chemical materials from/to Turkiye. Before privatization of Derince Port, we operated the Car Terminal for handling the exporting and importing cars and rolling units.

MOL Turkey is a small company and we could not achieve the big results in 2020 due to the limitation of activities by Covid-19, however, we have a big ambition to expand the business collaboration with Turkish Companies and hope to start the new businesses in and around Turkiye. Especially we would like to develop the business in Africa with Turkish Companies.

MESSAGE FROM Managing Director

For the Friendship between Japan and Turkiye, which connected by Ocean

In January 2017, MOL decided to place the Chief Country Representative Office in Turkiye and I came to Turkiye as the first Chief Country Representative. I started the activities in the time of the economy declines by the influence of the big terrorism in end of 2016. In March, The office has been approved as the Representative office of MOL(Europe/Afrcia) Ltd. and In May, I got the Work Permit and actually started to expand the presence of MOL and to find the business possibilities.

In 2017, MOL acquired the Time Charter Contract of the world biggest FSRU” MOL FSRU Challenger” from BOTAS. The ship arrived at Dortyol in the South East of Turkiye in November and has supplied natural gas to Turkiye until April 2021.

And in 2017, I visited KARADENIZ for the first time, and we have continued the discussion for the cooperation and in Mar 2019 MOL have reached the agreement to develop the “LNG to Powership” business with Karpowership. We have been trying to develop the business in the world, and it was one of our corporations, we have signed the contract with National Electric Company of Mozanbique during TICAD7 in Yokohama in Aug 2019. In this situation, MOL decided to establish the Company in November 2019 instead of Representative Office to expand the business in Turkiye and the cooperation with Turkish companies.

Due to Covid 19's spread of infection at the end of 2019, we had to cancel or postpone the projects we were preparing by 2019. In 2020, flights to Japan stopped and I couldn't even return to Turkiye for a few months. In addition, the period during which sales activities were not possible due to lockdown continued for about a year, but the activities started again in 2021. First of all, we decided to arrange the necessary PCR tests when entering Japan. The visitors of the customers who had come to Turkiye would go to the airport 10 hours before their flight due to doing the PCR test. At that time, all restaurants in the airport did not open and they had to wait for such long time in the departing hall of airport. So, we negotiated with a nearby testing agency and they agreed to go to the hotel to get the sample and we prepared the documents and handed them to the visitors. After returning to Japan, we received a thank-you note from them. After this we decided to make this our business if it would be useful to our customers. While the business trip schedule is busy, the time to go to the hospital and the time to prepare unfamiliar documents is wasted, so we will dispatch an inspector to the hotel, take a sample, prepare the documents, and hand over the documents to them by our arrangements. About a year has passed and we have provided services to nearly 100 people. We will continue to actively work on what our customers need. We also visited the Ship Recycle Yard, where many passenger ships that are out of service have been dismantled due to the influence of Covid19. Therefore, we learned that there are many items which can be reused from the ships and we have decided to open an E-Commerce site to buy and sell decorations and marine machinery coming out of the ship to be dismantled. In the future, we would like to grow it into a platform that sells reused products that come out of ships in the world. In the future, we would like to continue to carry out businesses that are useful to everyone, such as shipping and logistics, as well as businesses that connect Japan and Turkiye.

MOL Turkey is still a very small scale company started with 3 staff, however the staff have increased to more than 10 people in 2022. In the future, we would like to do our best for expanding the business of MOL Group in this region and would like to continue to do business that is useful to everyone and businesses that connect Japan and Turkiye., not just our main businesses of shipping and logistics.

In the last 5 years, I had many opportunities of discussing with the persons of Turkish Companies. I found the big Ambitions = Challenge Spirits from them, which Japanese Companies are losing. I was also influenced with them and I would like to continue challenge with Turkiye.

“The Friendship of both countries which connected by Ocean”

We shall improve more the wonderful relationship between Japan and Turkiye of long years through the Ocean, which started from the time of unfortunate accident of Battleship “Ertuğrul”.

Satoshi Katada-片田 聡

Managing Director, MOL Turkey Denizcilik ve Lojistik Tic. A.Ş.
Chief Regional Representative, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd.

Meet Our Team


Managing Director

Chief Regional Representative /
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd.


General Manager, Off Shore Business

Deputy Country Representative /
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd.


Assistant to Managing Director



Firuze Emi Yılmaz

Logistics Coordinator

Furkan Karaca

Digital Communications, Marketing and IT Specialist

Ahmet Demir

Project Manager

Durna Yıldırım

General Administration & Business Development Representative

Berkin Karademir

Operation Manager

MOL Group

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd.(MOL) is a multimodal transport group that meets diverse transport needs with one of the world’s largest merchant fleets and a comprehensive approach to safety.

To further contribute to economic growth, the MOL Group works towards its ideal on the global stage: becoming an excellent and resilient company that leads the worldwide shipping industry.

Throughout its more than 140 years of history, facing the extremely difficult periods like whole transporting properties loss, however MOL has grown into one of the world’s largest full-line marine transport groups by spirit of challenge and innovation” and from now on, As Safety is the top priority, we continue to support the customer needs and tackle the environmental matters and seek “Emission-Free Transportation”.

In 2020, we did more than 3,000 voyages by more than 800 vessels of the various type in the world. For example, we transported approx.69mil.MT of LNG with the world largest fleets of LNG Carriers, approx.66mil.MT of Iron Ore by one of biggest Cape size fleet mainly and approx.2.7mil. vehicles by the largest fleet of Pure Car Carriers in the world.

Vladimir Rusanov Ice breaking LNG carrier

Beluga Ace Car carrier

Awobasan Maru Iron ore carrier

In Logistics, “MOL Logistics Group” has the worldwide network with 135 locations in 26 countries around the world. They handle Sea Cargo/Air Cargo and operate many warehouses and transporting vehicles.MOL Turkey is the official agent of MOL Logistics in Turkiye.

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On April 1, 2021, the small- and medium-sized bulk carrier, wood chip carrier, and Panamax businesses (excluding services for steel manufacturers and domestic electric power companies) of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. were integrated with Mitsui O.S.K. Kinkai, Ltd. in the form of a business and organizational integration, as part of the internal reorganization of the MOL Group regarding the Dry Bulk business of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines. As a result, Mitsui O.S.K. Kinkai, Ltd. was renamed MOL Drybulk Ltd. MOLTR aim to expand their service in Med Sea region.

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“MOL Chemical Tankers (MOLCT)” is operating the specialized tankers for carrying the liquid chemical. They are operating around 90 tankers from the size of 26K to 8K DWT in North America-Japan/Asia-Middle East – Europe trade. Recently they merged the European Short-Sea Chemical Tanker Company and invested into the Tank Container company in Europe. MOLCT has been changing into “Chemical Logistic Company”.

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“Utoc Corporation” is a pioneer in heavy goods transportation in Japan. They have provided a diverse range of services related to the "movement" of things, including port unloading/loading, logistics, and plant construction services.

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“MOL Tech Corporation” has the trading function and sells bunker/lubricants, various equipments and parts related ships. PBCF(Propeller Boss Cap Fins) is the famous, which improve propulsion efficiency.

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“MOL Marine & Engineering Co., Ltd.” provides various marine consulting services relating the construction/improvement of port facilities and securing safe navigation with fully utilizing the extensive know-how of MOL.

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In shipping, “Ocean Network Express(ONE)” is the Container Shipping company which established by integrating the 3 Japanese Shipping Lines (NYK, K-Line and MOL) in 2018 and MOL has 31% share in the company and transported approx.12 mil. TEU in 2019. ONE has established the own organization in Turkiye (Ocean Network Express Turkey Denizcilik A.S.)

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MOL Group has several Japanese Domestic Ferry companies and the biggest Ferry operator in Japan. “Mitsui O.S.K. Passenger Lines (MOPAS) operates one cruising ship “Nippon Maru”.

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“Daibiru Corporation is the real estate company and leases 24 office and building in Tokyo and Osaka. They have started the business in overseas in Vietnam and Australia.

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