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Posted on Jan 17th by Firuze Emi Yılmaz

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) Car Carriers

MOL launched the first car carrier in 1965 to fulfill the demands of Japan's expanding automobile export industry. With a group fleet of 100 vessels since then, we have continued to provide constant improvements in the safety and reliability of our car carrier service in line with the market's globalization.

The capacity of the first PCCs was about 1,200 automobiles. Pure car and truck carriers (PCTCs) of today can transport all types of vehicles, including construction machinery and passenger cars. 6,800 standard passenger cars can be transported at once using PCTCs. Additionally, MOL actively works to lessen the environmental impact of its ships by implementing solar power production systems and adopting designs that reduce the effects of wind resistance.

What are Car Carriers?

Car carriers are specially designed ships that can carry a various type of vehicles, from passenger cars to large vehicles such as construction equipment. They can also transport non self-propelling cargo by using trailers or forklifts. The inside of car carrier is like a multilevel parking garage. The height of decks for large vehicles can be adjusted in accordance with the height of the vehicles.

MOL ACE Brand (MOL Auto Carrier Express)

MOL operated car carriers are recognized by their flagship name, "ACE," which immediately identifies these vessels as MOL carriers and connects them to our great history of technological innovation and environmental protection.

One of the World's Largest Car Carrier Fleets

One of the largest car carrier operators in the world, the MOL Group operates approximately 110 car carriers.

Moreover, we transport automobiles, trucks, construction machinery and non-self-propelling cargo loaded on trailers to any port through our global network.

To see the PDF regarding Main services of MOL ACE click here.

A World-Wide Network of Our Office

To support our car carrier operations, we have sales and agency offices in approximately 140 countries around the world. Japan, USA, Germany and Thailand sites are designated as Area Management Offices and manages MOL ACE sales offices in each area for smooth collaboration and information sharing.

MOL ACE Car Carriers: FLEXIE Series and BLUIE Series

The FLEXIE series are MOL ACE's flagship car carriers that were launched in 2018 to meet to the diversification of our customers' needs. They are a completely new generation of car carriers, with cutting-edge features both in hardware and software.

The BLUE series are promoting environmentally friendly fleet development with LNG-fueled Car Carriers.MOL has ordered a total of eight 7,000-unit capacity LNG-fueled car carriers, which will be delivered in succession between 2024 and 2025, and will also adopt the new series name and new hull color design.