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Posted on 2024, June 27th by Furkan Karaca

Celebrating 100 Years of Diplomatic Relations Between Turkey and Japan - TCG KINALIADA's Visit to Japan

In 2024, Turkey and Japan commemorate a century of diplomatic relations, a testament to the strong and enduring bond between these two nations. This year also marks the 134th anniversary of the Ertuğrul Frigate Shipwreck, a tragic event that ultimately fostered a deep friendship between the Turkish and Japanese people.

To honor these significant milestones, the Turkish Navy's TCG KINALIADA corvette made a historic visit to Japan. The corvette visited Kushimoto from June 8-11, Tokyo from June 12-16, and Hiroshima from June 18-21, retracing the route of the Ertuğrul Frigate. The crew participated in a ceremony at the Ertuğrul Frigate Martyrs Memorial in Kushimoto, paying tribute to those who lost their lives and reaffirming the friendship between the two countries.

During its stay in Tokyo, the TCG KINALIADA was welcomed with a ceremony by officers from the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). A reception on board, attended by Princess Akiko, Defense Minister Kihara Minoru, and Digital Transformation Minister Kono Taro, highlighted the diplomatic significance of the visit. The ship was also open to the public, allowing thousands of Japanese visitors to tour the deck and learn about modern Turkish defense products.

In Hiroshima, the crew visited the Kure Naval Base and the Naval Academy on Etajima Island, further strengthening the bonds between the two nations. The TCG KINALIADA's visit showcased Turkish naval capabilities and national platforms, attracting approximately 3,000 visitors during its stay.

The visit of the TCG KINALIADA corvette symbolizes the continued partnership and the mutual aspirations for peace and prosperity. As we reflect on the past 100 years of diplomatic relations, we also look forward to a future of strengthened ties and collaboration between Turkey and Japan.